Steve F.

Feb24th 2020

I had serious back surgery, fusion, and compression against the spinal cord. Dr. Brian Nichols was amazing. Dr. Brian is the most personable of any healthcare provider I have ever had, he is hands-on, patient and knowledgeable. He has been involved in the physical healthcare industry his entire life. It is a family affair as his wife is also a practitioner. Dr. Brian has that rare quality you hope a Dr might have, empathy. That coupled with his knowledge and experience has made my experience better then I could have imagined. I was treated twice weekly for about 10 weeks. And after he felt I was where I should be, he allowed me to come in on my own to use his exercise equipment several times a week no charge. He actually provides that gift for all his patients. He and his staff are concerned caring and diligent. I can’t say enough thanks, Brian.