Patient Testimonials

  • mark

    Great Place for PT !!

    - Mark T.
  • I have been to 3 other PT places in the past. Northstar by far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I stumbled in with a repaired ACL to the day I walked out pain-free, I would recommend them to anyone seeking Physical therapy.

    - Dan R.
  • I have had multiple surgeries (as well as work-related strains). After each one the Excellent staff here has guided me back to the best results I am capable of achieving! They will always be my first choice for myself and my family.

    - Melissa B.
  • I think they are awesome. I appreciate their service and doing their best to help me with my physical issues. The waiting room is children friendly. During the therapy, my therapist was able to entertain my 5-year-old and had enjoyed it. I learned some things about how to work with your muscles and bones.

    - Rainee S.
  • haley mcmurray

    Brian is a fantastic physical therapist, and Kari’s massages are out of this world. Highly recommend this clinic!

    - Haley M.
  • I had serious back surgery, fusion, and compression against the spinal cord. Dr. Brian Nichols was amazing. Dr. Brian is the most personable of any healthcare provider I have ever had, he is hands-on, patient and knowledgeable. He has been involved in the physical healthcare industry his entire life. It is a family affair as his wife is also a practitioner. Dr. Brian has that rare quality you hope a Dr might have, empathy. That coupled with his knowledge and experience has made my experience better then I could have imagined. I was treated twice weekly for about 10 weeks. And after he felt I was where I should be, he allowed me to come in on my own to use his exercise equipment several times a week no charge. He actually provides that gift for all his patients. He and his staff are concerned caring and diligent. I can’t say enough thanks, Brian.

    - Steve F.
  • robert wurster

    Brian, Judianne, and Staff are the best in the business. They are compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective physical therapists. I find it a joy to do business with them. Should you ever need a physical therapist there are none better.

    - Robert W.
  • natalie banister

    Northstar Therapy is absolutely amazing!!!! My daughter is a gymnast with back issues Brian has worked with my daughter for weeks and has made great progress!!! Not only has he helped her back he also teaches her what to do during the day to improve her posture and awareness on what puts stress on her back. He is also very caring and understanding !!! We have tried a few PT places in the past this by far is the BEST! We also have used massage therapy in the office she does a wonderful job!!! It’s so convenient to have both services in one office!!!!!!!! Love them!!!

    - Natalie B.
  • josh witte

    I’ve seen these guys for years going back to when they opened in Star. They have always been great, kind and caring. Friendly and very helpful staff. A very personal experience. I would recommend this place to my closest family and friends and have done just that many times.

    - Josh W.
  • olivia bates

    This is my sixth week of PT and Judianne has helped me so much to get core strengthening to alleviate back pain. The entire staff is incredibly helpful. Whatever physical issues you may have I highly recommend Northstar physical therapy to you to aid recovery.

    - Olivia B.
  • sean keef

    These guys are great. Top notch service and advice. I consider them more influential to the success of my surgery than my surgeon.

    - Sean K.